Baby Peggy (Diana Serra Cary) left, and Bob Birchard right, rest in between film segments in the Edison Theater.
The three Davids discuss the evening's final film, John Ford's The Iron Horse. From left to right: David Shepard, Film Preservationist; David Totheroh, Grandson of Rollie Totheroh; and David Kiehn, Author and Theater Manager.
Steven Hubbard, son of the late Ray Hubbard, waits by the ticket booth for his time to speak to the Friday night crowd. He was introducing his father's film, The Age of Ballyhoo, produced by David Shepard.
Saturday night was a re-inactment of an actual Nickelodeon show with short films, singers and other acts. Magician Sebastian Boswell III (right) explains how he is about to drive a four-inch nail up his nose.  His assistant from the audience is holding a glass where Boswell will deposit the nail at the conclusion of the trick.
Volunteer Mary Lou Gillette (left) is helping Museum Store Manager Jennifer Barr-Schneider (right) restock the book tables at the Museum store in Niles Hall.
Museum Publicity Chairperson, Rena Dein (right) is explaining the historical Essanay studio photographs to a couple of young fans. Rena led several tours in the Museum's Edison Theater over the two and a half day film festival.
David Totheroh, (5th from the left), Grandson of Rollie Totheroh, is telling the three students (1st three from the left), stories about his grandfather's experiences filming Charlie Chaplin. Also in the picture, Ann Rice, Volunteer Chairperson (4th from the left), Rena Dein (far right), and seated next to Rena, Jack Totheroh, David's Father.



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